Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ronny Tariuf stops by LRG HQ!

Ronny with the LRG fam.

Ronny signs the Hall of Fame.
Look out or future projects with Ronny and his Foundation.

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LRG4LIFE336 said...

you guys should come to this little small town an check your boi LRG stash. im a hard workin man of 4 beautiful kids 37 yrs old,but a true LRG junkie. allday everyday i wear LRG. im willing to bet that some of your models dont even wear the gear like i do. you guys said it right this gear is a life style an i love it. i still have people asking me is that large clothing(lrg),country!! but i rep this gear to the fullest in north carolina. the malls locally call me every shipment an im always the first with the hottest in my area. check your boi out,im really a true fan of the gear, keep making that hott shit,luv you guys!!!!